Top Telecom Companies in India 2019

Telecom Companies in India: Indian telecom industry is one of the largest and fastest growing industry in the world. The huge nunber of customer and best offers have made india to the largest industry after the jio entered.

The total number of network operator subscribers reached at 1161.81 million as on 31st march 2019.

After the jio, most of the people in india are using internet in the first time in their life. Jio’s cheap internet is making india to the 2nd largest internet using country in the world.

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Telecom Companies in India

Here is the most interesting part of these companies are when jio come with the 4G internet in cheap price thereafter all companies were in the trouble. Then they decrease price of their internet. Most of the companies aquire each other and grow their market share.


MTNL & BSNL is basically same. The only difference is MTNL provides network service in 4 mahanagar of our country.

  • Mumbai
  • Delhi
  • Chennai
  • Kolkata

BSNL is available in all cities of our country. Below is the data of BSNL market share, active users & ownership.

Active Users119.66 Million
Market Share10.11%


BSNL Coverage - Top 4 Telecom Operator in India

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3) Airtel

Airtel has been the bjggest telecom company in india. It has a millions of subscribers. After the jio, airtel growth has been very low and they are losing their profit. In the past, they were charge very high price for the internet and talktime but now now its in very less price.

Airtel has aquired many companies like telenor india and tata teleservice. They acquired telenor in may 2018.

OwnershipBharti Airtel
Active Users301.04 Million
Market Share30.19%


Airtel Coverage - Top 4 Mobile Operator in India

2) Jio

Jio is one of the popular telecom company in the india and further it is also popular in foreign. It is the game changer cause of its offers for 4G internet and unlimited talktime in cheapest price in the world.

Active Users307.70 Million
Market Share30.25%


Jio Coverage - Top 4 Telecom Companies in India

1) Vodafone Idea Ltd.

Vodafone Idea is the largest telecom operator in india with its headquarters in mumbai. It is the combination of two brands named Vodafone and Idea. They have distribute their share in some of the percentage. Vodafone has a further share than aditya birla group.

It has been merge since 31 august 2018. It is the most successful decision. After the merge it is 2nd biggest telecom company in the world and largest telecom company in india.

OwnershipVodafone Group (45.1%)
Aditya Birla Group (26%)
Axiata Group (28.9%)
Active Users334.10 Million
Market Share34.58%

Coverage of Vodafone:

Vodafone Coverage - Top 4 Telecom Companies in India

Coverage of Idea:

Idea Coverage - Top 4 Telecom Companies in India

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