Top 10 Programming Languages in The World For 2019

Top 10 Programming Languages: If you are new in the software engineering field then the first question is comes in your mind is “where to begin?”. This is also the toughest question to deciding so that here I’ll tell the most popular programming languages that you can start your programming journey.

These are all easiest language which can help you to learn your basic concepts in programming. Also, these are work in 2019 which will be the future languages.

In this list, I have chosen the most demanding language. These all can great job in mobile development, web development, game development and more. After you have completed the reading of this article then you will have a clear picture of your career plans.

Top 10 Programming Languages

Now we would discuss the detailed review of these all programming languages so you can understand which is the best or easiest language in the world. Here is the top 10 programming languages which your use in 2019

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10) SQL

For Database Management

SQL is mostly using for managing database. So that it is called Structured Query Language. It can do like storing database, manipulating and retrieving data stored in the relational database.

SQL keeps data secure and precise. It is also helps for maintaining the integrity of database.

Source Code: SQL Basic Program

If you are good in SQL then you can do the data exploration and effective decision making.

If you are planning to make your career with SQL then you have to go through C and C++. Because it pays high scale salary.

9) Objective-C

For Making an Apple Application

Objective C is an OOP Language means Object Oriented Programming Language. It is mostly used by Apple developer.

They make the Mac OS X, iOS operating systems and their application. This was developed in the 1980s. This is the language which is used by some of the earliest operating systems.

Source Code: Objective-C Basic Program

You can call this as a hybrid C because this is language made by add features into C programming language.

8) Ruby

Famous For Ruby on Rails Framework

This is the open source, a dynamic programming language which is made with simplicity and developed in the 1990s in Japan.

This was designed with the themed of simplified the environment. Also, make more fun.

Ruby is popular for its ruby on rails framework. This is a full stack web framework.

It is a dynamically typed language because these don’t contain a hard rule because it is a high-level programming language. It resembles with the English language and the great extent.

Source Code: Ruby Basic Program

This contains only one line to print hello world which is great. In short, this can build software with fewer lines of codes. This dynamically typed language so that it can’t manage easily and their flexibility makes it slow.

7) C# (C-Sharp)

Competitor of Java

C-sharp is a powerful object oriented programmingg language which is developed by Microsoft in 2000.

C-sharp is utilized for desktop in applications, Windows 8 or 10 applications and also it is requires a .NET framework to function.

Microsoft developed this language as part of a competitor to Java. Because Sun Microsystem did not want to interface of Microsoft to changes in java. So that C# was created.

Source Code: C# Basic Program

C# has the various feature as compared to C++ which makes it easier to learn for the beginners. Also, the code is consistent and logical than C++.

Error spotting in C# is easy because it is statically typed language, as you can see above the code.

In short, this language is best for developing desktop applications, web application and it also proved that in VR, 3D and 2D gaming. Xamarin (cross-platform tools) have written in C# makes it all device compatible.

6) PHP

83% developer uses PHP

The fact of PHP is seriously amazing you that the language is created for a purpose of maintaining Personal Home Page (PHP). It is actually take over the 83% of websites globally. I have also use PHP for my website.

PHP full from is Hypertext Preprocessor. This is a general purposes programming language. This is scripting language like javascript but PHP is run on the server which calls back end web developing.

Source Code: PHP Basic Program

It is used to make a web page which is written in HTML. This language is popular because it is free, cheap, easy to setup, and simple to use for new programmers.

PHP is a very strong option for web developers around the world. This is widely used for the dynamic pages, and also image contents. This is at #5 because it has a broad range of usage. Also, PHP is the well dressed for WordPress CMS (Content Management System).

Why it is on #5 because it is downgrading the website performance and affects the loading time.

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5) C/C++

C : Oldest & Used to Make OS

C++: Rich Library For Game Making

C is the oldest language. This language is introduced in the 1970s. It has a strong contribution in the world and all language is inspired by the C Language.

Source Code: C Basic Program

C is called a parent language of the all programming language. Some of the languages are inspired by C as above I talked. Their syntax, paradigms and constructs e.g. Java, Objective C, and also C#.

When you want to build a high performance application then c is the first choice to make that application.

Source Code: C++ Basic Program

Linux OS is based on C. The C++ is a hybrid version of the C Langauge. C Plus Plus is an object-oriented language which is built in C. Therefore it is chosen by the most high skilled developer for making an application.

C++ is being made for gaming, computer graphics, virtual reality.

4) Java

Write once, Run everywhere. Compatible with all platforms

If anyone asks you why java, then the most common answer is “Write once, Run everywhere”. Java has been ruling the programming language industry for the last 20 years. Java is a 99% object-oriented programming language. It is simpler than C++ because java uses automatic memory allocation and garbage collection

Source Code: Java Basic Program

Java is a highly cross-platform compatible or also it calls platform independent. you can code anywhere means that you can code on most of all device. Compile into the low-level language and execute using the JVM on any platform where JVM is the platform independent.

Java has based in android application mostly 90% fortune 500 companies for making variety back end application. All thee wide range of business application, processing and flexibility so that Java is all time the favorite language of beginners.

3) Swift

Very fast and optimized language which is used by apple

If you are a fan or interested in Apple product then you should learn this language. By swift, you can develop your mobile application and also the desktop application. According to Github, it is actually raking on the 13th most popular programming language.

Source Code: Swift Basic Program

Apple developer used this language to make high performance, powerful, native iOS, Linux and macOS apps. The name of the swift is a purpose why it is named like this because this is very fast by its synonyms. More streamlined and easier to debug than its predecessor objective-c. Swift has very optimized for the performance.

if you want to be a swift developer and make an apple app then you have to invest money into it. Because if you don’t have the Apple laptop then you cannot make these apple apps. You can make iOS apps, tvOS (for Apple TVs), watchOS(for apple watches), desktop apps or OS. this is famous beacvuse it is more profitable than others.

2) Python

Most famous and easiest language in the world

This is the most user-friendly language. Python syntax is clear, easily understand and also similar to the English language which is amazing. According to stack overflow, python is 12% used which is very highest.

Source Code: Python Basic Program

If you are interested and career making in the back-end developing then Django is the language which you must be used because this is written in python. this is very easy to learn and too many features into it. It has a variety of application which makes it versatile and powerful.

In popular areas like scientific computing, engineering, and machine learning, python support most of the feature like simple interface. Also in AI, this is used too much.

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1) JavaScript

Impossible to think without JavaScript

It imagines to be a software developer without learning or also using the JavaScript is not possible. JavaScript is the primary language of all language today. so that I put it first in top 10 programming languages.

This is very lightweight, interpreted and plays the main role in front-end development. Even some popular developer said that the javascript creates an interactive web page smoothly.

Source Code: JavaScript Basic Program

According to stack overflow, JavaScript is the most popular language for the last 6 years which is using up to 65% from last years. JavaScript is, mostly preferred as a scripting language because it has compatibility with all browsers and very flexible syntax it has! JavaScript is also used for back-end development means server-side dev through Node.js.

Above all features are make JavaScript to lovely language for beginners.
Here is the summary of Top 10 Programming Languages.

No.Programming LanguagesBooks
5C/C++C / C++

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