Top 10 Innovations That Changed The World and History

Modern Innovations has been changing day by day so that today I have brought for you Top 10 Innovations That Changed The World. An app can easily connect with a world, A airplane can fly at further height and also fly faster.

These innovations were made with the first innovation. Above I talked about the plane and mobile app but these are only improvements on the first product. So that I am making this article to know you about the first innovation.

Because innovation is very important than the improvement of today’s technology. If THOMAS EDISON could not make the bulb then we would have lived in dark. If Alexander Graham Bell could not find the telephone patent then we have not gotten any phone or smartphone idea to talk to anyone in this world with wirelessly.

So that now we have to discuss about top 10 innovations that changed the world and helps us to see this new world.

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Top 10 Innovations That Changed The World

To make anything into innovation you have to be creative in your field otherwise you’ll be not able to research into it.

1) Transistors

The transistor is the essential part of any modern electronic gadget. First, it is developed in 1947 by Bell laboratories. This tiny semiconductor device allows controlling the flow of current.

Transistor - Top 10 Innovations That Changed The World and History

The transistor is available in billions of time in Mobile Phone, Computers and also in Televisions. It is mostly used in a programmable device. The number of Transistors increasing year by year in the integrated circuit.

Transistor has two values. First is a 0 and second is a 1 so that circuit can control the current from 0 and 1. If you don’t want to pass a current through any component then value of a transistor is 0 otherwise 1.

2) The Compass

If the compass was not found then the Global Positioning system does not exist today. Because GPS is totally depended on the magnetic compass to locate our location from satellites.

The Compass - Top 10 Innovations That Changed The World and History

Google Maps is also depended on GPS and satellite connection and help us on navigation. Originally the compass was invented in China in the 14th century. That time compass was mostly used in the ocean to get the right direction.

3) Telephone

Alexander Graham Bell is the inventor of the telephone. If this wasn’t found then we wouldn’t think that we can talk to each other too far distance with the telephone. Motorola has an idea of the wireless phone because the telephone exists if it doesn’t then Motorola couldn’t find it.

The telephone is simply transmitting the voices over a distance using radio, by converting music vibration to electrical signals. Now we have a smartphone which has a simple thing to talk to each other by face to face.

Evolution of Mobile Phones
Evolution of Mobile Phones

Technology is getting faster and faster. It is something great in this in which we are using our smartphone that had been an idea by this telephone. After all the above is the picture of the evolution of the mobile phone which gives you an idea.

4) Electrical-Bulb

If the electrical bulb didn’t invent then how are we living in this world at night? Nightlife is very hard to live without light and every time it reminds us importance if artificial lights.

Electric Bulb - Top 10 Innovations That Changed The World and History

This is credited to Thomas Alva Edison to invent this light bulb. There would so many problems when the bulb has no invented. Edison was failed and failed but after all, he succeeds.

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5) Magnifying Lenses

Magnifying lens looks like no very big invention but it is actually a very useful thing. Its usage is too much by a human. The main thing is it has been using in camera and camera are very popular in this century because Human nature is to capture their photos.

Magnifying Glass - Top 10 Innovations That Changed The World and History

Scientists have been using a telescope to observe the space. We have been also using binocular to zoom anything. Microscope to look out all micro bacteria etc. This is invented in the 13th century but in 16 or 17th century, this was followed too much.

6) The Printing Press

Johannes Gutenberg developed printer in 1440 in Mainz, Germany. Through printer, it could be print the copy of books as many as 3600 page per day. And by 1600 it was improved the printer efficiency.

Printing Press - Top 10 Innovations That Changed The World and History

It as created then 200 Million new books. This is printing is press books not only for affordable but it helps to facilitate the spread of new and controversial ideas.

After that, we can see now that best printer at an affordable price at all homes. HP printers are best in the very good print quality and improvement of printer hp is best. So that newspaper, books, magazines, documents etc. are printed with very less work.

7) Paper Currency

In the stone age, humans were using stone as currency to buy or exchange something. After that human has been getting mature then they were using precious metal, coins or even raw material to exchange things for purchase things.

Paper Currency - Top 10 Innovations That Changed The World

Paper currency has been used in China since the 9th century. Other countries still were using gold or silver coins. After that Europe, India and other countries understand that paper currency is better than coins.

After some time, the birth of credit card and debit card. This is a starting of electronic banking. You know this as usually you are using. After that birth of the mobile phone and the new generation paying money with the mobile. A mobile app such as PayPal and Paytm.

8) Steam Engine

Thomas slavery gave the patent of the steam engine in 1698. This was one of the best innovation of all time to change the world. After that in 1781, James Watt patented an improved steam engine.

Steam Engine - Innovations That Changed The World

During the 19th century, these engines lead to an improvement in agriculture, transportation and manufacturing industries. Later steam engine is basically used to make internal combustion engine and jet turbine. So that this is prompted aircraft and rise of the car during the 19th century.

9) Airplane

Shivkar Bapuji Talpade invented the unmanned airplane in 1895. But at that time, India was not freedom so that Britishers cheat Indian to steal their invention.

Airplane - Innovation

If this wasn’t invented then we are facing many problems nowadays. The airplane is made by aeronautical engineers. These were the best invention which helps to travel to any country thousands of miles in very less time.

10) Internet

After the computer invented, the scientist had thought to connect computers to each other. First, it is invented in 1950 but it is not revolutionary. At the mid-1990s internet has a revolutionary impact on technology.

Internet - Top 10 Innovations That Changed The World and History

After that, we can do electronic mail, instant messaging, telephone calls and also we can now call with face to face. To locate the IP address they were made world wide web. Tim Bernese is the father of www. Later it is used for share the information on the internet.

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