Most Downloaded Android Apps of All Time

Most Downloaded Android Apps of All Time: Android is the most used operating system in the market. Because Android users are very high compared to other operating systems like Windows, iOS, Mac, and Linux.

First of all, we need to know that the fact why android is still growing and why it has the most app in their play store! so that I have discussed that below.

Operating System Market Share

The Android market share is increasing day by day cause of availability of mobile. All companies making the smartphone for android. Below is the market share percentage of all operating system.

  • Android: 39.97%
  • Windows: 35.06%
  • iOS: 13.87%
  • Mac: 5.92%
  • Unknown: 3.32%
  • Linux: 0.77%

Google play store has the most number of apps. so that users prefer to use android compared to other operating systems like iOS. The thing is to remember that the play store has a high number of apps because they are charing only one time to upload lots of apps in the play store.

There are many IT students who are working on android they try play store to upload their android project. How they make an app for users that doesn’t matter for them. So that there are so many buggy and bloatware apps in the play store.

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Most Downloaded Android Apps of All Time

Now we have to discuss the most downloaded android apps of all time. Because there are many apps which are very popular in the play store. Some are pre-installed and some of the other apps we have to install for our specific purposes.

Here I have ignored the stock apps which comes with the android device. Some of the apps are downloaded up to 5 billion times. Below I have given the name of apps which are google apps who have crossed 5 billion.

5 Billion Plus Downloads

These 6 apps are preinstalled apps in the android smartphone because these apps are important to experience the android OS.

1) Google Play Services

Google Play Services - Most Downloaded Android Apps of All Time

According to this post, in the most downloaded android apps of all time, #1 position is google play services. It is a service that running in background and API package for Android devices from Google.

2) YouTube

YouTube - Most Downloaded Android Apps of All Time

YouTube is #2 search engine in the world. It has 1.9B active users. In every minute, 400 hours of videos uploaded. There are 70% views which is come from mobile devices. So that this app is #1 downloads and in usage also.

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3) Google Maps

Google Maps - Most Downloaded Android Apps of All Time

Globally, Google Maps is one and only service that provide us perfect and efficient maps. It gives many feature like GPS, traffic, satellite view map etc.

4) Google

Google - Most Downloaded Android Apps of All Time

Google is the #1 search engine in the world. Android device also provided from google so obvious that google app is in this device. This is the reason behind google app has 5 billion downloads.

5) Gmail

Gmail - Most Downloaded Android Apps of All Time

After 2010, most of the account of email is created on gmail. All users prefer to make an account gmail. Users doesn’t matter becayse this is preinstalled app but most people use this app for send and receive their emails.

6) Google Chrome

Google Chrome - Most Downloaded Android Apps of All Time

Google Chrome is the #1 browser in Android device and even in desktop devices. It is a browser that supports all features. It is very fast browser compared to others so that it’s popularity maintain from many times.

After these all apps we have to consider the most download apps under 1 billion and also 1 billion.

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1 Billion Plus Downloads

Here some apps are sponsored by android. That means some big companies pay google or other companies to install their application into their phone or OS. It is called bloatware application which is sponsored. In the stock android, it has a seamless experience but in the custom UI, there are so many bloatware apps like these.

1) Facebook

Facebook - Most Downloaded Android Apps of All Time

Facebook is consuming more on smartphones than the desktop. Because it is a very fast app to share update and post, engage with friends, know what your friend doing. This is because most peoples are captured their phone in moble phones mobile phone market is bigger than desktop as you see above in market share section.

2) Whatsapp

Whatsapp - Best Chatting App in The World

When user get their first mobile or they buy a new phone then the first app he will install is WhatsApp. Facebook is a preinstalled app in all android devices but when we talk about the most downloaded app in the world then name come is WhatsApp. It is very easy to use application than other apps. Many apps were tries to beat WhatsApp but no one can beat WhatsApp by their usage experience.

3) Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger

When facebook disassembles its messaging feature into the separate app then the user has to forcefully download the messenger app to chat with someone. This is a forceful app by facebook which was introduced in 2011. With this app, you can chat, play games. Except for engaging with the post, you can do anything with this app.

4) Google News

Google News - Most Downloaded News App in The World

Google News is a smart news app that organizes the news provider such as a time of India, Aaj tak, India today, etc. & provides us the best news. It is giving what’s happening daily in the world to help us.

5) Instagram

Instagram - Popular Social Media Platform For Youth

Instagram is owned by Facebook since 2012. It is nowadays famous among youngster. If any kid wants to join social media then it is directly going to Instagram beacsue it is very easy to use than any other platform like facebook and twitter. Twitter is all about the text so that mostly professionals there. A youngster likes to click photographs so that Instagram is one of the best platforms.

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6) Google Street View

Google Street View - Create 360 Photo & Upload to Google Maps

Street View is the app where you can add your own Street View for everyone to see. Here you can create 360 photos using a phone camera or a certified Street View Ready camera then you have to position that view into the map.

7) Skype

Skype - #1 Video Calling App

Skype is the most famous platform for video call, chat, stickers chat, SMS. Microsoft has owned skype after then according to users, skype is not working properly when it like before work. Skype to Skype calls are free but if we want to purchase a number then it is also possible but it takes some charge to use that number.

8) Subway Surfers

Subway Surfer - First Game Which Has Crossed 1 Billion Downloads

Subway Surfer is the first and only game who had crossed 1 billion downloads in the play store & this is the great achievement of this game. This is simply running game but it has been changing the theme after some of the time and give the challenges to the gamer. So that game will be more interesting & #1 position in the play store.

9) Gboard

Gboard - Best Keyboard in The World

There are too many keyboards in the play store but some of the keyboards are trusted. In keyboard, there is a privacy issue like keylogger so that it is important to know which keyboard is best & useful to do all things. One of the names comes first is Gboard which is all in one keyboard and do anything.

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10) Clean Master

Clean Master - Malicious App in The World

This is the dumbest app in the play store. It always fooled people for cleaning the junk files and steal the data from our phone and sell that data to other companies. I hope you know about this app because of this one and only first app who had launched the cleaning the junk file idea. If you’re new in the smartphone usage then it is the latest app for you, but do not download this app.

11) Facebook Lite

Facebook Lite - Light Version of Facebook App

The Facebook original app is very heavy. It works on those phones who has the best processor and RAM. So that facebook is lagging on the low specs smartphone under 10000. Facebook introduced facebook lite for low spec devices. Lite app is only 2MB and after the installation, it takes only 11MB. So that this app also saves phone storage from facebook real app which takes 200MB plus.

12) Samsung Internet Browser

Samsung Internet Browser - #2 Browser After Chrome

Samsung is the largest smartphone manufacturing and the highest market share in the world. So that there are so many devices that need the Samsung internet browser. After chrome, there is #2 position of browser is Samsung browser.

13) Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word - Best Office App in The World

The office is the most popular software in the world among all businesses. Most of the businesses using this a lot. Before 2015, the office is only available for desktops. After Microsoft bought Nokia company then Microsoft introduces it’s an office for Android. No other office app work like this, this is the reason behind the fame of office.

14) Snapchat

Snapchat - Best Social Media App, Only For Camera

Snapchat is famous among youngsters because of great filters. It is the first app that introduced the 24-hour duration story. After that, they become a famous concept and other companies like Facebook copy it. It is giving daily new face filter which is amazing.

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Above all apps are the most downloaded android apps of all time. If you liked this post then comment below how the post is! It will give us motivation for making new posts like this.

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