LG Rollable TV is a Real Potential in 2019

That’s been a year when we had seen the prototype of rollable TV. But In CES 2019, LG announced that they will launch LG Rollable TV this year. The name of the TV is LG Signature. And it is going to be very expensive in the market. This is the flagship 4K OLED TV in 2019 with a premium price. It’s quite similar to the prototype.

LG Rollable TV Review:
This Video Can Easily Idea That How TV is Future!

This TV seems like a box. It is the first portable TV which you carry anywhere. It is very heavy but this is the first technology to compress the size of the TV. In the future, many TV will come and It will change the world. You can see in this picture that screen appears and disappear as you want. It’s 65-inch screen TV with very tiny bezels.

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Credit: The Verge

Samsung TV has a curve TV which is the identity of Samsung. This rollable TV is LG’s identity which is OLED with Big screen.

In India, all shops have a shutter which rolls in the one box which top of the shop and open and close the shops. Like this concept LG made TV. This TV has a box which has a big space, where TV rolls and get into it. This is the concept which is amazing. LG Rollable TV has refined the base station and added a 100-watt Dolby Atmos speaker for powerful built-in audio.

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LG TV has several steps to making the TV away whenever you are not watching. It down slowly and very steadily into the surface and, with the push of a button, it will rise back up in 10 seconds or so. It all happens quietly. You cannot see the actual Roll when the TV is closed in.

lg rollable tv
Credit: The Verge

As above, where the display will drop down so that only about one-fourth of the panel is showing. You’ve got on-screen control and use like smart gadget mode. It supports Alexa and Google assistant integration in LG’s webOS software. And LG is also one of the companies that are adding Apple’s AirPlay 2 for easy media playback or device mirroring. Port selection located at the back of the base.

Credit: teknologi.id

You will get all of the OLED features like perfect blacks, great viewing angles, and a wide mix of vivid HDR color.

The company wallpaper OLED TV started at $8000. LG is only saying that it will be priced at a premium level When it will be in sale, probably in march.

Credit: The Verge

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