Is Cloud Gaming The Future? Online Gameplay Through Google Chrome

If we have a high-end graphics card then we can play heavy games like GTA 5 and The Witcher 3 otherwise you not. So that Google introduced its Cloud gaming platform. I’m here to tell you that is cloud gaming the future?

We have played plenty of game online but they are only lightweight games. I have also played online games in my childhood.

Here are some of the online game websites examples,

Above links have the online playable games such as basic racing, action, adventure, arcade, sports etc.

Google Stadia Announcement

This video is not officially by Google. It is a short video which covers most of the points.

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Is Cloud Gaming The Future?

The answer is yes because it’s very costly to buy a graphics card for everyone. If you have the expensive graphics card like Nvidia Geforce RTX 2080ti then you would feel the best experience of gaming but its price is 83,970 INR which is very expensive.

We can play all high-end game in the browser which is great. This will be integrating on YouTube. When you would see an ad on youtube, end of the ad it requested you to download this game but in future, it will request you to directly play this game. And the best thing is it will work in any low and high-end devices.

Google Stadia Gaming Introduction
Google Stadia Gaming Introduction

Google wants to solve that problem. Because of these types of problems, some users cannot play the games and gaming industry not grow. To grow the actual growth, Google partnership with many companies like AMD, Intel etc.

Not only Google but Sony and Microsoft also did this. But it is not a very accurate gaming experience. Google stadia will the best gaming platform because of its ecosystem and support. Let’s check out below how it’s work!

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How Google Stadia Game Streaming Work?

Stadia is a cloud gaming platform which is operated by Google. It is capable to stream video game into 1080p and 4K resolution in 60 FPS. It also supports HDR (High Dynamic Range) so that you will get the best gaming experience.

The company has its data centers across the globe. It means that you can play your game easily through these powerful servers. It will be accessed from the Google Chrome web browser because it could support most of the programming language.

Google Stadia - Data Center All Over Globe
Data Center Across The Globe

Above I said that this service will be integrated with YouTube. Whenever you watch the video on YouTube then at the bottom you can see the play to directly open the game and you could play.

It needs high-speed internet like fiber optic internet because unfortunately, your Wi-Fi loses its signal there will be a game stopped. So that this is very important to buy fiber internet service. If you are in India then Jio launches its Jio Giga fiber with 100mbps plan and it will be very helpful for you.

How Much Games are Playable as Cloud Gaming Yet?

In this launch event, Google employee played Assassin’s Creed Odyssey to demo to the audience. Here is the video of playing the game in high resolution. Another game which is Doom Eternal also launch in this platform.

Google Stadia

Through this video, we could understand how stadia is work! But stadia has less support for games because it is new. All companies should make a game for stadia separately so that it will take time.

How Stadia Has Developed?

Google first announced its Project Steam and this was the sign of interest in gaming products. The Google company has previously been rumored to working on Project Yeti since 2006. Project Steam’s differentiator such as GeForce Now, OnLive and PlayStation Now, is its ability to run on google chrome browser, rather than a specific gaming platform.

How Much Paid For This?

When you have a powerful PC then you need to buy games separately and their price is so expensive probably around 3000 INR or $50. But here google tells in the event that this will have come with monthly subscription plans like Netflix or Amazon prime video.

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If you want to gain more knowledge about this then watch this YouTube video as I have given below.

Best Video Explanation From YouTube

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3 Responses

  1. Darji Chaitanya says:

    Super concept by GOOGLE, By the help of Google Chrome we can Play any Game which need higher Graphics Card and Higher Processor it so easy by Google Chrome Only we need High speed Internet Connection Any time and Anyware.

    • Parth Darji says:

      If you have Jio Giga fibre connection with 100mbps speed then it would be better.

      I think it would not perfect gaming through mobile network and wifi because our its speeds are sometimes going down and you will get lagging experience.

      And the fibre connection technology is not getting down its speed so that you will experience extremely better.

  2. Darji Chaitanya says:

    Thanks for more Information, I know that on mobile network It’s Not Possible, Possible But as you say it’s Internet speed sometimes are poor, So we have to experince CLOUDE GAMING then we only need high speed INTERNET connection, Connect HIGH SPEED INTERNET and then enjoy Games as we like.

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