How to Make a Website For Free With Free Domain and Hosting Website

Here I will be going to teach you how to make a website for free with the free domain and hosting website. Because many peoples have no budget to purchase a domain name and hosting. First of all, some users don’t know what is the domain name and hosting so that I explained to you what’s that.

What is Domain Name?

Domain names are used to identify a particular website. For example, is my domain which is used to open my website on the browser. The particular name has a top level domain and these are all in limited numbers.

Examples of Domains

  • .com – Commercial Business
  • .in – India
  • .org – Organization
  • .net – Network Organization
  • .edu – Education Institution
  • .gov – Government Agencies

What is Hosting?

Hosting is online server or storage where you can store your all website data into it and access it from anywhere.

This hosting is provided by many popular companies like GoDaddy, Bluehost, Hostinger, Hostgator. It is providing us like Storage, RAM, Email Accounts etc.

Now we have to start the actual topic which is we should discuss.

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How to Make a Website With a Free Domain and Hosting Website

Here are the sub things which I included in this. Such as how to buy a free domain and hosting. Here you won’t need to purchase money in this because this is absolutely free.

Such things I want to tell that, you can buy only below listed domains. Because .com and .in are very expensive and no one company is providing this domain in free.

  • .tk
  • .ga
  • .ml
  • .cf
  • .gq

Above all domains, you can purchase for your website in free. Here you can also change the web server name as you wish as a big company provided such as GoDaddy, Bluehost etc.

How to Get a Domain For Free?

First of all, you need to know that there is no need to spend a single rupee. And this is only for one year because of the website policy. After you have to copy your data and paste into another domain server.

Step 1: Open the website and create your account into it. You can Sign in with Google and also connect with Facebook.

Freenom Login Page
Freenom Login Page

Step 2: Open the Register a New Domain Page From Menu Bar. Search the domain name which you want for your website. For example, I’m searching here Squaracis, After you have click Check Availability then it will show the available domains for this name Squaracis.

Freenom Domain Search and Availability. How to Make a Website For Free
Domain Search & Availability

Step 3: Now choose the best domain such as or after click on Get it now! to proceed. I.m selecting as you can see in the picture. Then at right top corner side, you can see the checkout button for buy that domain.

Domain Checkout
Domain Checkout

Step 4: It will ask the period. That means the actual time period of domain age. It has a default setting which is 3 Months then you have to select 12 months because only 12 months it could give you as free. After that, you have to purchase with money. Click the continue button after this all processes will have completed.

Freenom Domain Time Period
Domain Time Period

Step 5: After it will tell to fill your all details such as Name, Address, Phone Number, Email Address etc. Then check the box as you can see in the picture and click the Complete Order to continue.

Freenom Detail Filling and Complete The Order. How to Make a Website For Free
Fill Details & Complete The Order

I suggest you to fill the fake details in the address section.

Step 6: Now your domain is ready but one thing is left which is confirmation of order because this is very important. Note that order number which is given at your screen after that click here to confirm your order.

Freenom Order Confirmation
Order Confirmation

Your steps have finished creating a domain. Now you have to create a website on blogger and connect that site to the Freenom domain. This is very simple steps so that do follow.

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How to Host a Website or How to Create a Website with Blogger

First of all, you need to know that I have used here a blogger platform which is made by Google. Here you don’t need coding skills to create a website. If you want to create a photography website then you need to only add the photo and drag the photo as anywhere as you want.

Now, Start our steps to create a website.

Step 1: First, open the and sign in to your google account.

Blogger Homepage. How to Make a Website For Free
Blogger Homepage

Step 2: After you sign in to your account then it will ask your Display Name in the Blogger. I recommended you to name your account related to your blog or website. After you enter the display name, you have to click Continue to Blogger.

Blogger Display Name Confirmation
Display Name Confirmation

Step 3: After continuing with blogger, you can see the home page of your blogger account. Now if you want to create a blog then click the Create New Blog button.

Blogger Create a New Blog. How to Make a Website For Free
Create New Blog

Step 4: As you can see in the picture, it is asking three things. Name your blog which will your official name of your blog. You can change it later but if you name now then you will not concern about that. Address of your blog is the same as the name of your blog because it is very important for SEO. We will discuss SEO later. Theme choosing is your wish. You can change theme later but this time only for the confirmation that how your website looks like.

Blogger Fill information into Blog
Fill Info of Your Blog

After you have been creating your blog your website looks like this. My site address is You can see my external website now. Homepage
Squaracis Homepage

Finally, your domain and hosting are ready. Here in blogger, the website created with the subdomain which is and this is very large to type in the URL. so that short domain is needed for the website. We have created which we have to connect with the

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How to Connect Freenom Site to Blogger Site?

This is also a reflect topic of the How to Make a Website For Free with Free Domain and Hosting Website. This will give you information about how you can connect your freenom domain to a blogger account.

Step 1: Open a squaracis Blogger Homepage and there are too many settings. Click the Setting option. Then click the Set up third party URL for your blog.

Blogger Blog Page
Blogger Blog Page

Step 2: After it will ask the domain name which you want to connect your blogger site. Enter the domain of your freenom domain. My domain is so that I have entered that domain.

Here you need to verify that this is your website because there are too many frauds happened on the internet so that this is required. I will tell you how you can verify your website.

Blogger Records
Remember This Data

Here in this photo, blogger has told you that how you can verify but first, you need to copy two things which one is Name, Label or Host field and Destination, Target or Points to field.

Step 3: First of all, log in to your Freenom account. Open Service menu into the menu section. Then click the My Domain to enter your domain settings.

Freenom My Domain Section
My Domain Section

Step 4: Click the Manage Domain which you want to connect with the blogger site.

Freenom My Domains

Step 5: After you clicked manage domain this type of page will be open.

Freenom Manage Domains
Manage Domain

DNS management system is for managing the domain nameservers and their records. And you have to add that blogger information which is given by a blogger that is put into this section. After that, you can verify your website.

Freenom DNS Management. How to Make a Website For Free
DNS Management

Step 6: As you can see in this picture, I have squared on the More Records. You can add record through this button. You have to add 6 records in it. Click 5 times on the More Record so you can add at least 6 records.

Freenom Records. How to Make a Website For Free

Change the Record type of A to CNAME. Now you could be able to put your blogger data in this CNAME type records. Here is the Sample how you can put your blogger data into it. After 4 records are left for filling. You can see in the picture how I put this value follow my photo and fill that information and save those details.

Freenom Fill The Data Like This. How to Make a Website For Free
Red Box : From Your Blogger Account
Blue Box : Below I Given The Information

Note: One most important thing is to change the TTL number. Change the TTL number 3600 to 14440.

CNAME Records

Blogger Website Records. How to Make a Website For Free
From Your Blogger Account

A type of record you have to put as it is which i give in this photo.


Step 7: Click the save button on your blogger page which you have opened too much time before.

Blogger Website Redirects
Click Edit Button

This is for if anyone writes your website as a then it will be an automatic redirect on

Blogger Redirects and Save The Button. How to Make a Website For Free
Redirect Check Button

Check the redirects button and save the information. After that, you can check your website on the browser how it looks like. I have entered here and it will show the blogger website. Finally, we have connected our domain with blogger hosting.

Domain Testing. How to Make a Website For Free Domain Testing

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I hope you understand How to Make a Website For Free With Free Domain and Hosting Website.

Through this, you can create your own website with no money. This blog is for India only because Indian peoples don’t invest their money on the website and grow their business.

If there is any error or problem with this method then comment below i will reply to all your questions.

Also tell us how the blog is! If it is good then comment below. This will motivate us to make more blogs like this.

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