How Does a 3D Printer Work? Example of Cool 3D Prints

Here I’m telling about How does a 3D printer work? But first of all, you have to know what is 3D printing?

This is a 3D printing process which is also called additive manufacturing. Also, I’ll give some 3D printing applications.

There are many projects by civil engineers who are working on the 3D building and house project which you can Visit Here

What is 3D Printing?

What is 3D Printing?

3D printing is a process of creating a solid 3D object from a digital file.

The modelling of the 3D object is getting using the additive process. In this process, an object is made by gently down following layers of material until the object is created. All layers are seen as a thinly sliced straight cross-section of the final object.

3D printing is not the cutting object of metal or plastic. This is directly made by a machine which helps digital file to create 3D models.

When you are making an object with your hand then you would be wasted too many plastic or metal. But here there is no wastage of material when you are making the 3D object.

This is a very convenient way to make complex 3D designs. Finally, we discuss how does 3d printer work.

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How Does 3D Printer Work?

It starts with your computer. When you have skills of a 3D Modelling then you can create 3D structures from your printer.

First of all, you need 3D modelling software where many software you have to pay for that and many are free.

Slicing software is very important because they convert our 3d model into 3d print by slice each of every layer. so that printer can’t be confused what it does for a model.

After you have to buy a 3D printer which is very expensive at this time because this is new technology. so that if this in your budget then you can buy it.

3D Modelling Software

3D Modelling

One of the software I’m talking about is in-built software in windows 10 – if you are windows users.

After all, if you are a Mac user then you have to download or purchase software that depends on which is open source and paid.

Paint 3D is not very efficient software if you are a really make a model then it is not for you. because it has no many tools.

Best Free 3D Modeling Software

The following are very depth analysis of best free 3D modelling software from real user reviews.

Here are 6 Softwares, but I recommend you to use blender software because it is very powerful software to make any 3D models.

There are many paid software which can you have to pay for that but that has a very high price to purchase that Software.

Best Paid 3D Modeling Software

Following are the paid software which is used by professional artist furthermore Hollywood movies also use this software.

Here, Most of the software is developed by Autodesk so that I recommended you to use software by Autodesk.

This software is usually used for industries like movie or gaming. so that you would confuse which software you have to use but I recommend you to start with open source software.

Slicing Software: From 3D Model to 3D Printer

When you have completed your 3D model then you will have to convert the 3D model made into 3D printable.

It divides the 3d models into the very tiny slice hundred and thousand of the straight layer as per your model.

Some time software included the slicing plugin in 3D modelling software but you have to use external software.

When you completed your you 3D model to slice then this will be ready to be print in 3D. You can be done with USB, Wi-Fi or SD. This depends on which 3D printer you work with.

When this file is uploaded in printer then your file will be ready print in layer by layer which we have converted by slicing software.

3D Printer Cost?

If you have a tight budget then this is for you. because this technology is new after going sometime, these prices are decreasing.

Below is the 3D printer which price is 350k rupees. which is very expensive.

XYZprinting Nobel Superfine 3D Printer

If you looking for a simple basic printer which is in budget price so here is that.

Makerbricks I3C 3D Printer

This is the budget printer which can be used for your trial how its work. this is simple so you can’t do too much with this.

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Example of Cool 3D Prints

Here we have an only a small 3d printer. There will day no far when we are using 3D Printer for house and buildings.

This is very interesting when we will have completed our house at a very less day.

I am giving you the best tips for using 3D Printer and their application where they used.

Cool 3D Prints

These are all ideas of how you can make the object from the 3D printer.

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