Future of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Future of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality is amazing because these technologies are using in the business way too much. Mostly it is for entertainment but it will also come in the education industry.

There are so many things about the AR and VR. By 2025, These technologies will have grown too much. These can capture our imagination at the next level where no one tech can. AR is using now but not much developed so that we have to patiences.

Big companies like Google, Microsoft and others are working on these and put their 100% power. In the future, the most hi-tech gadget will make with AR and VR.

Okay, then we have to now discuss the future of virtual reality and augmented reality.

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Virtual Reality

Future of Virtual Reality

VR is not for only gaming because it is a technology which will change the world in the future. It will come with any industry because the future of virtual reality is amazing. Here is how VR will change the world.

You could also watch 360° Videos in Youtube. Like Mega Roller Coaster, Tiger Experience etc.

Uses in Gaming Industry

The new VR is something great because big companies are working to improve this technology. Like HTC Vive give for watching movie or gaming, Sony’s Playstation VR for gaming, Facebook’s Oculus Rift etc. And these gadgets are selling an affordable price. Here are some applications of VR.

The most obvious use of VR is gaming. With this, you can experience the real life gaming experience like you are playing the game with move your hand and your body.

But unfortunately, VR could support fewer games. But these games are giving you the immersive experience that elevates the gaming at the next level. For example, Arca’s path, The persistence, seeking dawn etc.

Entertainment with Virtual Reality

When we talked about the VR movies then this would give you wide-eyed wonder immersive experience. It will give you better film experiences than watching in the theatre.

Think of the 3D movie which is actually we watching on the big screen or now it is available on TV. But it is not true 3D because of limited screen size. Using the VR, you can experience 3D movies with a 360 degree.

Travel with 360° Degree View

Think about how it’s boring to look all around the world on Google Maps. Then think much more immersive that look around the world with your eyes with the real 3D experience.

VR could allow to remote tours of any place such as a museum for that person who unable get to that building. And also work as well in the estate for that look around the house with the VR.

Surgery Training with Virtual Reality

It’s better to surgery training in VR rather than real human. Because the surgery is easy in the visual mode and no risk to damage the body of a human.

At this time, medical colleges using the animals for some of the operation surgery. So that animals would less die after this virtual surgery technology.

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Augmented Reality

Future of Augmented Reality

AR is a software-based imagination like no other technology can. By 2025 the healthcare revenue will be increased by around $5 billion from augmented or virtual reality. Some technical insider says that AR will be the best technology in healthcare. Already AR is using in the hospital to scan projects where valves and veins so that doctors can easily find a vein for IV placement.

Travel Industry with AR

The travel industry has a lot of work in AR because 83% of peoples are interested in using the AR as a part of their travel experiences. And in there of 42%, people believe that AR is the future of tourism.

There are so many industries in the future. For Example, healthcare, education, government, military and of course entertainment.

AR Usage in Army or Millitary

The military is also using this technology to find the enemy location. If you have seen the Military Movies then when it comes to assuming that how enemy camp looks like then they using AR for that. Like this Military using this technology.

Top 5 Millitary of the world is using this technology to assume some of the places. If you have seen the URI – The Surgical Strike then in that movie intelligence is assuming that how the place would be!

Art & Architecture

In art and architecture, AR is so much used in that. Civil engineers are making the building structure and AR is using in it. It is using to assume home or building paint that how it looks like. User Dulux Visulizer for more ideas of Augmented Reality.

For the architecture, engineer uses their mobile to put things and imagine that how will the room set with the furniture, sofa, or other things.

AR in Smartphones

Snapchat is also using AR to create their live effects. After snapchat, many big companies like Facebook, Instagram, etc are making these types of effect and make their business at the next level.

Pokemon go is the real example of the mobike AR game because there have some pokemon which we have to find in the real world. And that game was very famous at that time.

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