Best Gaming Phone Under 15000 in India

Everyone wants to play heavy games in android. But when you want going to find best gaming phone under 15000 or budget phone then it would very difficult to find the best one.

Nowadays battle royale games are very famous. These games needs high quality GPU for good experience. So that users are demanding phones which have the best GPU and processor.

In the past, if you wanted to play high graphical game then you would have to purchase a flagship smartphones. But in present, Mid range phones are better than flagship devices and they always flagship killer.

In the mid range phone you can get bettter processor, battery life and camera also. Performance also given best in the smartphone. Here I have given the best gaming phone under 15000 in India.

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Best Gaming Phone Under 15000

Here I didn’t promote any products I’ll just show the best gaming smartphone.

5) Honor 8X

Honor is a sub-brand of Huawei. The honor series is only for mobile computing device including tablet computers, smartphones and wearable technology.

Honor 8X

8X comes with a kirin 710 and 2.2Ghz processor. It can handle many app at once without laging which is claim by honor. But its EMIUI makes it look like slower phone.

ProcessorKirin 710
GPUMali G51
Chipset Technology12nm

This chipset has made from 12nm technology so that it can perform well in gaming. It could be increase 75% performance in CPU. Mali G51 GPU helps 130% increases in GPU performance.

It has a feature of GPU turbo which boosts graphic performance 60% and power efficiency by 30%. This can run full FPS mode with the low consumption of power. It has 3750mAh battery that consumption is very low.

4) Motorola One Power

Motorola is the oldest mobile making company. But in 2014, Lenovo bought motorola in $2.71 billion dollar.

Motorola One Power

One power comes with the snapdragon 636 and 1.8GHz octa-core processor. It helps you play graphic-rich games.

ProcessorSnapdragon 636
GPUAdreno 509
Chipset Technology14nm

It is comes with the 14nm technology chiset so that it can perform well while multi tasking and gaming. It would not be heat much.

Mostly it is known for its battery life because it has 5000mAh battery capacity. This is the highest battery life in smartphones. Now you can play pubg more time with your friends.

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3) Asus ZenPhone Max Pro M2

Asus is the company that has been making laptops but now it has been also making smartphones for some few years.

Asus ZenPhone Max Pro M2 - Best Gaming Phone Under 15000 in India

Max Pro M2 comes with the snapdragon 660 processor and 1.95GHz octa core CPU. 660 processor can handle more apps at once. I mean it can done well job in the multi tasking.

ProcessorSnapdragon 660
GPUAdreno 512
Chipset Technology14nm

Snapdragon 660 made from 14nm technology. It has a adreno 512 GPU that only made for gamer who wants to play games in budget devices. The best thing is to handle games well is stock android OS. Stock android is a very simplest version of android which is officially made by google.

Main thing that you have been always think about the gaming smartphone is battery. How much battery backup it can given you! That simple answer is more that 6 hours of gaming it can play.

2) Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro

Xiaomi is the largest company in india because it has a 28% of mobile market share and being the #1 brand in india.

Redmi Note 7 Pro - Best Gaming Phone Under 15000 in India

Note 7 Pro comes with Snapdragon 675 and 2GHz octa-core CPU. This is the most powerful budget smartphone in the world. Because its performace is mind blowing.

ProcessorSnapdragon 675
GPUAdreno 612
Chipset Technology11nm

The process technology of this processor is 11nm which is the latest technology. It means that your processor cannot consume more power to transfer one electron to another orbit.

Adreno 612 is the best option for gaming and it gives the best high graphic experience in this budget range. I have seen that pubg gameplay experience is the best in this device.

The worst thing about MIUI is ads but it cannot reduce your performance and gaming experience. The phone comes with the 4000mAh battery which is enough to play high graphic game for 4 or 5 hours.

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1) Realme 3 Pro

Realme is the sub-brand of oppo. It is only made budget smartphone devices and oppo brand has been making flagship and mid range phones.

Realme 3 Pro - Best Gaming Phone Under 15000 in India

The best thing of this smartphone is this comes with the snapdragon 710 and 2.2GHz octa-core CPU. It cannot perform like Redmi Note 7 Pro but this phone is best in the gaming.

ProcessorSnapdragon 710
GPUAdreno 616
Process Technology10nm

Adreno 616 is better than adreno 612 so that it performs batter than redmi note 7 pro in the gaming. Second thing is the process technology of this processor is 10nm which is the finest technology in the world.

The worst thing about this device is the ColorOS. ColorOs is feels like laggy and heavy. I think realme team should improve their skin OS. It can’t give us performance like MIUI and stock android.

Main thing about the gaming is how much time we can play games! The answer of this question is this comes with the 4045mAh so that it can give backup upto 4 hours. So that don’t concern about the battery backup.

Here is the summary of the above all products,

1)Realme 3 ProView
2)Redmi Note 7 ProView
3)Asus Max Pro M2View
4)Moto One PowerView
5)Honor 8XView

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Parth Darji

Parth is a founder of Squaracis which finds the best products & review that product from e-Commerce stores such as Amazon and Flipkart. Furthermore, he provides the latest technology news, how to blogs and also the top ten things in the world. He is also first year computer engineering student.

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3 Responses

  1. Darji Chaitanya says:

    Best Gaming phones, I Mostly Like Realme 3 Pro, This Company is doing well in Indian Market and Indian Costumers are realy like Realme Brand, In Mid-range and Powerful phone’s, And the Realme 3 Pro is best phone in Performance

  2. Dhruv Patel says:

    Thanks for your suggestion i like buy phone for playing pubg and you give me better choice for that

    • Parth Darji says:

      You should buy realme 3 pro if you want better gaming only. But if you want performance and gaming both then buy note 7 pro. But realme 3 pro has better gaming than note 7 pro.

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