5 Cool Gadgets That You Should Use Everyday

Usage of the electronic gadget has been increasing day by day. I have included in this 5 best cool gadgets that you should use everyday. It seems this has its own special features so that you can’t leave your home without it.

You can use this gadget, especially in your smartphone because you can connect your gadget to your smartphone. Mostly electronic gadgets nowadays are wireless which is work on Bluetooth and wifi both. So that you should charge once to run this gadgets.

In wireless gadgets, the battery is a very important thing. These products have the best battery life.

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Cool Gadgets For Daily Usage

Here is the Summary of The 5 Cool Gadgets That You Should Use Everyday.

1)RAVPower Mini Power BankAmazon
2)Yidarton Phone Camera LensAmazon
3)Saco Foldable Portable Bluetooth KeyboardAmazon
4)Domo nHance 3D GlassesAmazon
5)Redgear Pro Wireless GamepadAmazon

Now we can discuss the detailed information about the 5 cool gadgets.

1) RAVPower Mini Power Bank

Usually, we have been using big power banks which is very heavy and big sized. Here I have brought for you the smallest power bank with a bigger capacity.

RAVPower Mini Power Bank - 5 Cool Gadgets That You Should Use Everyday

You can carry it anywhere. Its compact size could be able to keep in your pocket without any problem.

Lightweight500 charge cycles
Compact size
3350mAh battery size
Classy looks

It is around 3350mAh capacity size but enough to charge at once. It has only 500 charge cycles and after that, it will lose its battery backup and will give you less charging experience.

2) Yidarton Phone Camera Lens

Nowadays phone cameras are improved but there are some limited features so that here i have for you the smartphone camera lens which gives you the best experience of photography.

Yidarton Phone Camera Lens - 5 Cool Gadgets That You Should Use Everyday

It comes with the 3 camera lens where one is the macro lens, second is the wide lens which helps to captures wide pictures, and the third is fisheye lens.

Macro, wide angle, and fisheye supportedZoom lens not available
High lens quality
Works with all devices

The company provided some photos that are actually captured by these lenses. Wide angle would help you to click big building like Burj Khalifa. You cannot capture the Burj Khalifa photo in front of the building because it is very big. But thruogh the wide lens you can capturs the Burj khalifa as I have shown below.

Yidarton Phone Camera Lens Photo Examples

As you can see in the above picture, wide angle lens can capture the entire Burj Khalifa, Fisheye can capture in 360 modes, Macro lens can capture in the zoom mode and it is only for the macro object.

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3) Saco Foldable Portable Bluetooth Keyboard

Everyone needs the keyboard nowadays because productivity is increased by past few decades. These Bluetooth portable keyboard could help you to carry anywhere and its support has cross platform support.

Saco Foldable Portable Bluetooth Keyboard - 5 Cool Gadgets That You Should Use Everyday

It supports foldable mode which allows you to carry everywhere. Normal keys are included in this but right side number keys, not int the keyboard. Instead, there is a touchpad so that you can navigate your smartphone or computer without an external mouse.

High quality keys
Wireless and Foldable
In-built touchpad
Good battery backup
All OS supported

It has a high-quality key so that its durability is good. It supports Bluetooth for the wireless technology so that you need a battery, but its battery backup is good as they told. They told that this can run 48 hours with the continuous typing and standby time is 500 hours.

4) Domo nHance 3D Glasses

In the past, 3D glasses only work in the theatre but now it supports Screen, LCD, Computer, Magazine, Laptop, Book, Printed Material etc.

Domo nHance 3D Glasses - 5 Cool Gadgets That You Should Use Everyday

3D glasses helps you to watch the movie in 3D, now you can watch in your mobile which is great. First of all, you have to download 3D print of the movie.

Support with all devicesNot real 3D cause of red & blue glasses
Good quality of frame

It has a good quality of view but the red and blue color of glasses don’t make a good experience of 3D. This is not with this only glasses. This has seen in almost all 3D glasses.

5) Redgear Pro Wireless Gamepad

If you want the experience of the gaming console for PC, Android or TV then this is for you. You can connect this console with the PC and Android also.

Redgear Pro Wireless Gamepad - 5 Cool Gadgets That You Should Use Everyday

This gaming console comes with high-quality material and buttons.

Support with all devices
10 hours of continuous battery backup
Buttons are working good

It also supports PUBG mobile or PC game. Mostly all users purchase for the PUBG. Android games are working well such as mini-militia, asphalt 8 and 9, fps games etc.

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